The Republican Watchmen. GOP Jumps the Shark

Which of these "heroes" will protect us from socialism?

Which of these "heroes" will protect us from socialism?

They hate taxes. They hate big government. They hate the un-American parts of America. They hate real jobs. Most of all, they hate each other…

In the aftermath of the Armageddon-like Bush Presidency, and after John McCain wore out his welcome on the national stage, a surprising pantheon of conservative heroes rose to power and influence, or rather, airtime on FOX ‘News’. These ordinary people, with sub-ordinary understanding of national policy matters, have nonetheless captured the limelight much more than Republican policy makers, Congressional leaders, and others who would be king (Newt) had the Republican brand not been dragged through a fetid mire of feces and blood.

The future is in their hands. Their words will rally a new generation of small government, flat-taxing, social service ending, free-marketeers.

Beware Republican Traitors, or you will answer to the Republicmen!

Rush (anger is a virtue) Limbaugh: Speaking from atop the pile of the burning ash of America: “I’m happy to be the last man standing.  I’m honored to be the last man standing.  Yeah, I’m the true maverick…  You know, I want to win.  If my party doesn’t, I do” –Does that mean he’s with us or against us? Who are us?

Jonathan (not old enough to be hated) Krohn: “If you don’t have a principle base, your policies don’t mean anything.” –Except that your policies will make or break the country and the economy you loud-mouthed boy wonder.

Michael (Hip-Hop) Steele: “I’m trying to move an elephant that’s become mired in its own muck.” –and that elephant is Rush Limbaugh. Government jobs aren’t real, that’s why I’ll never be President. What’s that? No confidence? In me?

Sarah (the wardrobe) Palin: “I’m the mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can’t.”–and how will you find out Hockey-Cuda Mom what the courts are telling you, without reading those newspapers that have been in front of you for all these years, and you’ve only heard of one Supreme Court case?

Joe (my name isn’t Joe and I’m not a plumber) the Plumber:Will anyone buy my book?”


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  1. Did you photoshop that? It’s awesome!

    I just love how Michael (Hip-Hop) Steele has bowed down to Rush “OxyContin Is Tasty” Limbaugh. Also, many of the GOP’s up-and-commers are going to Newt “I Gave Divorce Papers to My First Wife As She Lay In a Hospital Bed Battling Cancer” Gingrich ‘s 1994 playbook in order to derail the Obama legislation. IN FACT, the GOP minority whip, Eric “CopyCat” Cantor has been on the phone with Gingrich on a regular basis to craft politcal strategy.

    Old ideas. New faces.

    Go Jindal/Gingrich 2012!

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