Education Cuts in California- Abel Maldonado Responds!

Abel Maldonado, my highly responsive State Senator responded promptly to my letter concerning the cuts to valuable education programs in California, in particular the plight of former Santa Barbara Teacher of the Year, Ron Zell.

In spite of my carefully articulated letter about my concerns and my position as Santa Barbara County Teacher of the Year, and in spite of the fact that I teach at El Camino Junior High, the very school that educated Mr. Maldonado and other local community leaders, I was sent a lousy form letter response that dealt with none of my concerns. I was a witness at one of your Education hearings! You gave me a certificate that’s on my wall!

Response from Abel Maldonado is Junk

C’mon Abel. I’ve written constituent mail and this one is junk. I wrote you an individualized letter, about a particular circumstance, and your staff responded with a form letter that only vaguely approaches my concerns. I am Santa Barbara County Teacher of the Year, don’t I deserve a personalized response like I get from members of the U.S. House of Representatives? This letter was so bad that my junk mail filter, which never flags anything, flagged this one as JUNK.

I have taken the liberty of editing Mr. Maldonado’s response:

Dear Luke:

Thank you for writing to express your support for funding our university, community college and K-12 education programs (or something like that).  I understand and appreciate your concern (whatever it may be) regarding the recent budget cuts the state of California was forced to make (that I made certain it would make).

Education is a high priority (what isn’t) for me.  As a father with children in public schools, I too am deeply concerned with the state of our education system.  I personally know the great opportunities education can bring, which is why I will always support education (at least as a cheerleader, but not with money).  Long-term funding (doled out in small, rationed amounts) for our education system is not only essential; it is a legal and moral obligation to our growing student population (that’s why we change the laws to be able to make education cuts).

There would never be enough money to satisfy all the deserving interests in this state (So why try?) .  However, I do not feel that the state’s budget problems should be placed on the backs of students (That’s why we’re firing teachers, and keeping all the students).

Thank you for contacting me.  Please do not hesitate to contact me again on any state-related issues of importance to you.  It is an honor to be your representative of the 15th District.


Senator, District 15


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