Sarah Palin Mad Libs

Blog Post at Luke Laurie’s Teacherblog

I made this “Mad Libs” up during the presidential campaign. I recently reread it and was surprised at how relevant it still is.

There’s a .pdf version too.

An Interview with Sara Palin

Interviewer: “Good evening, and welcome to _________________ (TV Show), I’m_________________(news personality), speaking today with the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, the Governor of Alaska, in her ____(number less than 5)(-st, -nd, -rd, or -th) real interview. Let’s get right down to the _________________ (noun). Governor Palin, how will we_________________(verb) ourselves out of this economic crisis?”

Palin: “Well, you know, what we gotta do is look at  ______ (prefix) -regulation. That’s what we did in Alaska when we had to deal with _________________ (any problem). Americans know we can’t _________________ (verb) our way out of this, and CEO’s on Wallstreet can’t_________________ (verb) the _________________ (noun) on Mainstreet. Big government and more taxes is _________________(verb ending in -ing) small businesses, which needs to get out of the _________________(noun), and let private industry drive the _________________(a machine) of this economy, by relieving the tax burden on families.”

Interviewer: “So you are, or are not in favor of increased regulation of_________________(any industry)?”

Palin: “The principle of that is reducing taxes, and the principle of letting the free market_________________(verb) Americans, instead of government trying to control your_________________(plural noun). Do you want big government standing between you and your _________________(Member of a profession)? We need to stand up and band together, hocky moms and _________________(stereotype, plural). Nobody listened when John McCain, the _________________ (name of TV show starring James Garner) sounded the alarm bell on  _________________ and _________________ (two names ending in ‘ie’). Go to any kid’s _________________(sport) game, and talk to _________________ (common male first name)_________________(quantity of bulk alcoholic beverage), and he’ll tellya all about it.”

Interviewer:“What about foreign policy with regards to _________________ (any nation)?”

Palin: “Well, we’ve got to be careful when those _________________(animal, plural) rear their heads. When I’m reading those _________________ (form of printed information-plural), that have been in front of me all those years, I think _________________(exclamation). Darn Right_________________ (world leader) is dangerous. We need to shore up our_________________(plural noun), because those dictators with their connections to_________________(international organization), and Barack Obama wants to sit down and_________________(verb), without any _________________ (plural noun) being met. As a mayor and governor who provides 20% of America’s domestic supply of _________________(noun),I have executive experience from leading America’s _________________ (adjective ending in -est) State. We share a maritime border with _________________ (an allied nation). While I was building pipelines to carry _________________(fluid) to quench America’s thirst for_________________(noun), and the surge, which John McCain supported, and Barack Obama_________________(verb, past tense) it.”

Interviewer: “What about your stance on _________________ (any well accepted scientific theory) ?”

Palin: “I’m tolerant of the scientific community. I think there’s something to be said for man’s influence on _________________(a phenomenon). It is real. Schools should get vouchers to teach both _________________ (plural noun) of the story. But there’s also_________________ (adjective) cycles and we gotta use an all of the above strategy to end our dependence on foreign _________________ (liquid).”

Interviewer:“How about an exception to allow abortions, in cases of_________________(crime), or _________________ (crime).”

Palin: “I believe that life begins at the moment of _________________ (noun ending in -tion). If someone, _________________ (Deity) forbid, were to be a victim of such an act, I would counsel that person to choose _________________ (noun).”

Interviewer: “What makes you ready to become president of the United States, if John McCain got _________________ (verb ending in -ed)?”

Palin: “Like Ronald Reagan, I have executive experience. I fired my _________________ (type of service employee), because I didn’t think taxpayers should have to foot the bill for my_________________ (plural noun). You know what I did with my _________________ (luxury item)? I sold it on Ebay. And I don’t _________________ (verb) those Washington insiders who say they voted for it but now they’re against it. In Alaska when when there’s some_________________ (adjective) idea we don’t like, we Mavericks say, ‘Thanks but no thanks,’ like I said to the Bridge to _________________ (a nonexistent place).”


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