HIV Curriculum Pilot- Remarks to the School Board

Blog Post from Luke Laurie’s Teacherblog:

Comments to the school Board on HIV Prevention Curriculum Pilot 5-4-11

I thank the board for allowing me to speak this evening,

In the field of education, we’re always operating within an economy of scarcity. Far from an ideal system for serving the needs of our students, we do not have not enough money, nor enough time, and we have too many students with tremendous needs; academic, social, behavioral, emotional and physical.

In the standards-based educational push of the last decade, we were caught up in fervor to enhance academic learning, specifically, of course, Math and Language Arts. Because resources and time are scarce, schools across the country eliminated programs and courses in the fine arts, health education, physical education, and even science. With this unbalanced approach, we were doing less to educate the whole child.

In our district in this time period, we haven’t done enough to provide our students with the health information and skills they need to make good choices about their sexual health.

The HIV Prevention Education requirement in State law is there to address issues that are vital to our youth. A large fraction of our students are sexually active, and many lack the knowledge and behavioral skills to protect themselves from disease or unintended pregnancy. Santa Barbara County has a teen pregnancy rate for latinas that is the highest rate in the State at 9%. That’s nearly 1 in 10 of our latina population, and three times the average rate for all California teens.

We all know that the challenges for teens who become parents are numerous. And challenging too, are the lives of our students who are being raised by young people who became parents too early themselves. We all bear the costs. And while the Red Cross curriculum is not specifically focused in preventing teen pregnancy, the same knowledge and skills they will gain from learning to prevent HIV will also prevent pregnancy and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The Red Cross Positive Prevention Curriculum provides a framework that teaches the means of transmission and prevention of HIV, but it also includes lessons on behavior and decision making, as well as identifying and avoiding risky situations, and developing refusal skills. The material in this curriculum is presented in a manner that is useful to teachers, and provides them with tools for handling controversial subjects sensitively.

I strongly encourage the board to support this committee’s work and to move forward with the pilot program for the Positive Prevention Curriculum. I also would like to encourage the board to support other improvements in health and sexual health education to provide our students with vital information and skills that will help them live healthy lives.

Thank you.

(The Board was unanimously and overwhelmingly supportive of the committee’s work and dedication to the topic.)

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  1. Hello Luke, – Ron Zell here – the Pink-slipped music teacher-of the year that you wrote about a couple of years ago. Just want to thank-you for your consistent stands on the need to educate the whole child, – and this Positive Prevention Curriculum sounds like another step in this process. Also wanted to tell you that I am again active in the Arts in Education, and have started posting a blog at . Hope to hear from you again. Keep up the good work.

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