The Republicans; a Minor Party?


Newscasters are buying into the Republican mislabeling of the Democratic party.

I can’t believe that CNN and C-SPAN have bought into the Republicans re-branding of the Democratic Party as the “Democrat” Party. For a long time now, Republican members of congress have been trying to not-so-subtly separate the Democrats from the adjective Democratic. They rail against these newfangled Democrat bills and failed Democrat policies, etc., etc. But they’re not the Democrat Party. Please allow me to give you some proper names for reference:

The Democratic Party, The Democratic National Committee, The Democratic Members of Congress, etc.

For easier clarification, and correct grammar:

Noun: Democrat.

Adjective: Democratic

Concept: Democracy

And it’s still Democracy no matter what you call it. And in Democracies, there are elections. And in elections there are winners and losers. The Democrats won. You could say it was a Democratic victory.

Maybe renaming things is all they’ve got left.

Since they are the Republicans are the minority party, perhaps we should call them the “Minor” party.