Blog Update- Popularity of Posts


I’ve been posting less frequently since June, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t that much going on in education or education policy. We’ve got NCLB getting older and not reauthorized. We’ve got nearly every school in California preparing to enter program improvement. We have budget cuts and swelling class size. We have “Race to the Top” and Arne Duncan. And we have movements that may put more teachers to work making important policy decisions.

But life calls, and we have to make choices about our time. For a mini-update, I thought I’d post the data on the popularity of the posts I’ve written over the past year.

My post on National Curriculum Standards has apparently been used by many students in education programs. Lots of aspiring robot builders have checked out my pages on robotics, and many gamers have picked up my piece on Describing Character Actions in Dungeons and Dragons.

Least favorites include most of my pieces on economics. Surprisingly, not a topic of high interest.

My personal favorite is “Science Tomorrow” but it’s only got about 30 views, but has been posted elsewhere too.

What’s your favorite post?

My Posts by Popularity for 2009 (up to October):

Title Views
National Curriculum Standards 224 More stats
STEM Education: Improving Science, Techn 202 More stats
Education Cuts – Santa Barbara County Te 168 More stats
DnD 4e- Describing Character Actions 113 More stats
Tug O’ War Robots 109 More stats
Pink Friday- Teacher Cuts in California 81 More stats
Luke Laurie 77 More stats
H.R.1 Economic Stimulus Bill and Educati 65 More stats
Education Cuts in California- Abel Maldo 51 More stats
Something Called “Volcano Monitoring” 49 More stats
The Republican Watchmen. GOP Jumps the S 47 More stats
Sumo Robots 43 More stats
Innovative Education and California Budg 42 More stats
Innovations in Education- Robotics Scien 39 More stats
Speech- Uncertainty and Opportunity in E 33 More stats
Science Tomorrow (Satire) New Education 29 More stats
There are Worse Things to Leave Our Chil 26 More stats
Porcupine Tree: Modern Progressive Rock 26 More stats
Refinancing Our Future, The Stimulus Pac 25 More stats
Career Skills, Motivation, Student Disc 25 More stats
Let’s Run Schools Like Businesses 23 More stats
Education For A Stronger Tomorrow – Rebr 19 More stats
Using Psychology to Solve Education Woes 15 More stats
The Albert Einstein Distinguished Educat 13 More stats
Auto Bailouts- Where’s the Demand for Ca 12 More stats
The Republicans; a Minor Party? 11 More stats
Heat: Global Warming Still Simmers 9 More stats
Educational Equity-Legislative Possibili 8 More stats
Economic Stimulus-Creative Solutions 7 More stats
A Tax Cut for Every Problem 2 More stats

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